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  • Denim_Divine_by_Catrice_

    Limited Edition Denim Divine by CATRICE

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Denim Divine by CATRICE is the name of the new limited beauty line by CATRICE. Inspired by a pair of jeans โ€“ a living fashion legend which was a…

    8. March 2016
  • Homemade Face Masks - Gesichtsmaske

    4 Amazing Homemade Face Masks – Simple

    Every now and then we deserve some “me time”. Let’s be real, when was the last time you have pampered yourself with a great homemade face mask? I haven’t done any homemade face masks…

    24. February 2016
  • Highlighting and Contouring

    Highlighting and Contouring for Black Women

    Sometimes, I think the beauty industry in Germany could provide more foundations in different skin tones especially for us black women.ย When it comes to highlighting and contouring, there’s a fine line between enhancing your…

    18. November 2015

    F**k Society’s Idea Of Beauty

    What is your idea of beauty? Can beauty be defined by age, skin color or body shape? Confucius once said “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”. Who gets to decide? We…

    4. October 2015
  • makeup tips

    Great Makeup Tips from Makeup Artist

    Do you need any makeup tips to apply makeup like a pro? Two weeks ago we asked you to send us your toughest makeup and beauty questions as we got professional makeup artist Denise…

    2. October 2015