Effective Skin Care Tips from Make up Artist

9. October 2015
Skin Care Tips

Are you looking for skin care tips that will help you with oily skin or darker skin arround your mouth? Let’s ask Wow Beauty.

This week Denise Rabor is telling your some great skin care tips. Three weeks ago we asked you to send us your toughest makeup and beauty questions as we got professional makeup artist Denise Rabor, Founder of Wow Beauty to answer them.

Denise Rabor has been an international makeup artist for over 15 years and she is as mad about beauty now as she was when she started. She has worked with one of my favourite black models Alek Wek and now she is here for you. Every week Denise will answer 3 of your questions. So be prepared to become a beauty and makeup pro. Yes, I know I have mentioned it last week but let me tell you this again: She loved all of your questions.

Get great skin care tips by a makeup artist

Reader Question: I have darker circles under my eyes and around my mouth due to hyper-pigmentation. I also have fairly dark skin. After I have applied eye concealer and set with a bit powder I notice lines forming under my eyes. Do you have any skin care tips how to avoid these makeup wrinkles?

Denise Rabor: A big mistake that many women make when applying concealer under the eyes and when trying to cover skin discolouration is applying too much product, thinking that more is better; well with concealer less is more. For issues like hyper pigmentation you need to use a good quality concealer or a colour corrector.

Some basic skin care tips are:

  • Moisturise
  • Apply your foundation first, this allows you to see how much concealer is really needed.
  • Next use a brush to apply your concealer, remember that a little goes a long way. if you are going to pat it in with your fingers, make sure that they are clean because oil from your skin can compromise your concealer.
  • It could be good to consider a brand like Dermablend, Bobbi Browns Intensive Skin Serum Corrector & intensive skin serum concealer (which are designed to work together) or Cover fx which are designed for long wearing, effective coverage, while still looking great.
  • Next set with a light powder….again less is more.
  • Sometimes using a facial water spritz can help to freshen your makeup if it does start to settle in any creases.


Readers Question: How do I do my eyeshadow for moonlid on dark skin? Do you have a skin care tip for me?


Denise Rabor: This eye shape is sometimes known as hooded eyes or mono lids. The defining characteristic is that the eyelid area can be rather small, and sometimes lacks a crease. A simple approach is to choose your eyeshadow colour and apply it over your eyelid, up to the fold. Blend this colour into the fold, and a little bit above, focusing on the outer ½ of your eye. Next if you wish you can use a darker shade of eyeshadow above the Fold onto the Contour Area, to elongate your eye by focusing on the outer ½ or 1/3rd blending outwards.

You can make your eyes look brighter and more awake by using a metallic highlight colour in the inner corners.


Readers Question: I live in Nigeria and its usually really hot around here, I tried using some foundation Mary Kay and Sleek but they literally melt off my face, I’m not used to wearing make up and I’m fond of touching my face so then I just mess everything up. So my question is is there makeup, foundation for tropical areas and doesn’t require so much expertise. Do you have any other skin care tips for this issue?


Denise Rabor: One of the first things that you need to ensure is that you are using the correct skin care for your skin type, if you have oily or combination skin, make sure that you aren’t adding extra oils, and are just adding moisture.

You could also consider trying a primer, as a good primer can really make a difference to the finish of your foundation because it smooths and refines your skin, correcting imperfections and making your foundation last longer. You could try Benefit The Porefessional, or Clinique’s super primer.

The next thing is to choose an oil free foundation, because there is no oil to mix with the oils in your skin, they tend to stay matte longer. If you like the brands that you’ve mentioned, check & see whether they offer oil free formulas, or some other options to consider are Clinique’s Even Better makeup or Stay matte oil free which aredesigned to behave well in warm weather and there’s also Bobbi Browns Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 and Fashion fair perfect finish cream to powder oil free foundation.

Lastly, you’ll need a powder, a sheer compact version that you can apply during the day as needed, to blot excess shine. Another skin care tip is try to avoid touching your face, as all you are doing is transferring oil from your hands to your face.


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