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Get A Beautiful Black Doll

18. June 2016
black doll - schwarze Puppen

Are you looking for a black doll for your child or for yourself? I accidently came across these websites that are offering gorgeous black dolls. As a child, I loved playing with dolls. I had some with Caucasion features, perfect blond or dark hair. I always wanted to have a doll that looked like me. Thank god black dolls have entered the toy market. Guess what, some of these dolls look just like us. And they are available around the world. Here are some pages where you can get a beautiful black doll.

1. Dolls by Naturally Perfect (United States)

black doll

Naturally Perfect Dolls is based in the USA. Like most young girls with kinky/curly hair, Angelica’s daughter Sophia was not happy with her kinks and curls because of the doll she had. Her daughter wanted straight hair, and she even started expressing a strong dislike for her skin tone. With the help of her daughters Angelica Sweeting created “The Angelica Doll” – A 18-inch beautiful black doll with natural hair that you can wash and style.


2. MaKedaa Dolls (Paris)

Black doll

MaKedaa dolls is a France-based Etsy shop own by Céline. Makedaa is the symbol of acceptance and positive identification. The brand offers unique afro-haired dolls in African prints with black skin and also with black features. Every black doll is handmade.


3. My Black Doll (Netherlands)

Black doll

Created in Netherlands, the dolls of the brand “My black doll” are natural, black and beautiful. Each doll comes complete with a stylish outfit and Frolicious natural hair. You can even get a headwrap for your black doll.


4. Makie Customizable Dolls (USA)

black doll

The idea of Makies is to create your own doll. The British company that is moving to the USA offers customizable dolls designed to look like the little girls they are coming home to.


5. Unity Dolls (Nigeria)

black doll

Unity Girl doll was created in 2012 by the company Auldon Toys. Unity dolls are 14-inch black dolls, each representing Nigeria’s three major tribes. The dolls has been created to deliver an empowering social message to girls around Nigeria and the world at large.


6. Natural Girls United (United States)


Black Doll

Natural Girls United was started by Karen Byrd as a project and turned to a business. Her aim is to bring a positive view of what ethnic beauty is. They offer black dolls with afro, locs, kinky faux-twists, kinky braided updos and much more.


7. Rooti Dolls (United Kingdom)

Black Dolls

Rooti Dolls were created by Chris and Ada Ngoforo, from London, who were concerned that their children did not know about their West African roots. The dolls can speak different African languages (e.g. Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Ibibio and Swahili) with just the touch of a button.


8. Nandikwa Dolls (South Africa)

Black Dolls

Nandikwa Dolls is located in South Africa and owned by Mmule Ramothibe. The company believes that a doll is a girl’s best friend. The dresses of the dolls are modern colourful South African ethnic wear, across all different cultures, such as Sotho, Tswana, Pedi, Zulu, Xhosa, Swati, Venda, Tsonga and African.


9. Positively Perfect Dolls (United States)

Black Dolls

Positively Perfect Dolls were created by Lisa Williams who is an award-winning speaker and author. Inspired by the need to show the diversity of the black race, Williams created a very wide variety of beautiful black dolls with different skin tones and hair textures.


10. Lean Green Bean (United States)

Black Dolls

LeenGreenBean is a company that was created by Aileen Robinson, a crochet artist. The crochet dolls come with different natural hair styles and dresses.


Have you already got a beautiful black doll for your little princess? Did you have a black doll as a kid? Do you know more companies of black dolls?

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