Hair Workshop – Embracing the Natural You

24. September 2014

Neema International e.v

We were invited to attend the “Embracing The Natural You” an event that was hosted by Neema International e.v. based in Bonn. Neema International e.v, is a group of young people whose aim is to end social inequalities among marginalised people in a society and to improve the cross-cultural understanding among people of diverse cultures living in Germany. “Embracing The Natural You” was an event that they organised to enjoy each others company and have the ladies of Afromäßig schön to give a wonderful workshop on natural hair care and how to rock your natural hair.

I entered the hall and my senses were immediately alive to the amazing smell of food, bright colours everywhere, smiles and laughter. A quick look around revealed great outfits in African print, killer natural hair styles, bold lipstick and great jewelery. I was really excited to be here. After a quick bite and lots of laughs with the ever lovely A sister in Germany who held an inspirational talk and looked FIERCE in her tuxedo jacket, I met Esther Donkor of KrauseLocke.

The Workshop and The Fashion Show

The workshop of “Afromäßig Schön” was really informative for kinky curly hair. Their frank approach to natural hair care was embodied by a funny and realistic skit, a well informed power point presentation, and an exhibit of different tools you can use for protective styling. Caroline had a huge puff of natural hair to die for, whilst Bonzenga carried her turban with the regalness of an African Queen, Bene had her hair done up in a lovely protective style. What I loved the most about their presentation is that they did not in any way bash ladies who choose to relax their hair. There were many ladies in the crowd wearing their hair natural and I am sure everyone walked away with a new tip.

Another amazing thing about the event was the fashion show by an upcoming designer from Zimbabwe called Wadzanai. A delightful surprise were the high waisted skirts, evening dresses and office wear she showcased. Her runway show was end by two little girls from the crowd who stylishly wandered in to the modelling line and followed every step of the way, their hair braided beautifully and their little African print dresses moving with sass.

The best thing about this event was the great sense of community that Neema generated. Would I attend an event like this again? Yes, because like we say in Africa “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

What events in your community are you involved in and supporting?
Have you ever attended a natural hair workshop? What was your experience?

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