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Simple and colourful Maxi Skirts by Melange Mode

14. October 2015
Simple and colourful maxi skirts

Recently, I was invited to a wedding and I was looking for nice dress or skirt. Due to my research on the internet I saw these simple and colourful maxi skirts by Mélange Mode and I wanted to share them with you. This is not a sponsored post. I love the fact that Mélange Mode is incorporating the beautiful bold African Fabrics with the modern European fashion. I grew up in these two worlds and I enjoy mixing them up. I learned that all pieces are designed by Yvonne Ghyselinck Pearson who is an African-European designer and Owner and Founder of Mélange Mode.

I would say these are simple and colourful maxi skirts. I believe that the fit is a great compliment to any shape. You can wear these skirts for a cocktail party or any other occasions.

Check out these simple and colourful maxi skirts








Which maxi skirt would you rock?


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