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6 Tips How To Avoid Dry Hair After Washing

30. October 2015
dry hair after washing

Have you noticed dry hair after washing your hair? I made two big mistakes while washing my hair last week. I ended up with super knotty and dry hair. I was not far away to do my second big chop. It took me hours to detangle my hair. Here are 6 tips how to avoid dry hair after washing.

Say “good bye” to dry hair after washing your hair

Shampooing your ends
This one reason why I created this blog post. Because I did this mistake. I was washing my ends like crazy. The result was super dry and knotty hair afterwards. Instead of shampooing and conditioning too much and all the way to your ends concentrate on your scalp and the mid-shaft. So you won’t make the same mistake I have done before. Your ends need more moisture.

There is no need to wash your hair every day.
I understand that if you work out a lot that you have the feeling to wash your hair every second day. But I think every third day would be fine as long as you don’t have any build up. Or rinse your hair with water.

Switching up your shampoo
Are you switching up your shampoo on every wash day? Experts say stick to one shampoo if it works. Your hair can’t tell the difference between the brands or what it does to your hair. If my hair is super greasy or oily I use a clarifying shampoo once a month to wash out any residue. I continue with a deep conditioner to get the moisture back to my hair.

Instead of shampoo use a conditioner
Since shampoo can be very harsh, conditioner are a great alternative and I bet most of you have done it before. Co-wash is just washing your hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo. It may not do the deep cleaning, but you can add a clarifying shampoo every now and then. I would recommend to use a deep conditioner after a clarifying shampoo.

Is your water too hot
Let me tell you about my second mistake. While warm water opens a hair’s cuticle, cold water close the cuticle and seals the moisture. My water was too hot. My tip: Shampoo your hair with warm water and rinse with cold water. Another tip is to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar mixture after shampooing and conditioning your hair.  You can mix one cup apple cider vinegar with two cups water. Vinegar has the ability to remove product build-up and dandruff from your scalp.

Towel-drying hair
Towels can create harsh friction against your hair cuticle. Use an old T-shirt to dry your hair. Perfect would be if your shirt is made out of microfiber.


After you have washed your hair don’t forget to apply a leave in conditioner and seal the moisture in with an oil. I love to do the LOC method. If you have not heard about it yet. Click here to read how I do it.


Have you experienced dry hair after washing your hair? What do you recommend? Please leave your comments below.


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