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4 Steps You Should Know About Detangling Your Hair

1. September 2015
4 Steps You Should Know About Detangling Your Hair

Have you ever asked yourself how to improve your hair detangling technique? The technique how to treat your textured hair is very important. Most kinky hair does not take it well if you detangle it in a dry or very wet state. Here are 4 steps you should try in order to minimize hair breakage during detangling.

Detangling your hair in 4 Steps

Get the slip

Before you begin detangling you have to soften your hair. This can be done with water, leave-in conditioner, oil or regular conditioner to get the slip. I mix water with a cheap natural regular conditioner. I only use a few spritzer to moisturize my hair. If your hair is too wet it will become more fragile and weaker than dry hair.

Divide your hair into sections

After you have moisturized your hair divide it into manageable sections. Be very gentle and have a good technique otherwise you will cause damage. I use my fingers to part my hair as the sections don’t have to be neat of fancy. I use pins to keep the 6 to 8 separated sections in place.

Finger Detangle

Try finger detangling. Finger combing means to separate your hair carefully in groups. Your fingers are able to feel the tangles and to remove the knots gently. I have learned that hair will become thicker and longer if you finger comb it for a while. In addition to this, you can also remove shed hair easily without causing any breakage. Start with a small section of your hair and when you meet a tangle do not force it.

Comb Through

After finger detangling use a very wide tooth comb. Hold the hair mid-shaft to reduce combing tension. Start at the end of your hair and comb carefully in small ways down the hair group. If you feel a knot while combing then stop and use your fingers to locate the knot and remove it gently. Don’t comb complete through a tangle. If you have finished with the wide tooth comb you can use a smaller comb with the same technique if you prefer. Now your hair is ready for styling.

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What is your biggest challenge? How do you detangle your hair? Which technique do you use?

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