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#GrowYourHairOJC – Onion Juice Challenge Week 1

14. March 2016
Onion Juice Challenge

Hey Frolicious Beauties! Have you already joined the Onion Juice Challenge? Everyone wants to have beautiful long and healthy hair but, unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the hair we desire. Some struggle with super kinky and unmanageable hair, while others are desperate with hair breakage and lifeless hair. If you are struggling with hair problems, onion juice may be able to help you. That is the reason, why we started the onion juice challenge. Sign up now and get updates. I will show you, how I did my onion juice recipe.

Grow Healthy Hair – Onion Juice Challenge Starts Today!

First of all, I would like to say “Thank you” to everyone for joining in and I hope that this challenge will benefit your hair.

The #GrowYourHairOJC – Onion Juice Challenge

This challenge will be 4 weeks long. It starts from today and ends on Monday, 14th of April.

I would like you to post a picture of your current hair right now on social media like Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtag #GrowYourHairOJC and describe what your main issue is.

Pick a day that you want to use onion juice every week. I will be doing it on Sundays or Mondays because that is the day where I pamper myself and it works perfectly for my schedule.

Post a picture of you as you are onion juicing your hair or preparing the juice.


Reasons to join the Onion Juice Challenge

If you don’t know why you should join the Onion Juice Challenge, please read this. This is a really great way to grow long and healthy hair without spending much money. The juice of an onion has been used for centuries to help with thinning hair. It encourages circulation around the hair follicles.

Onion juice also regenerate hair follicles as well. This remedy is regarded as one of most effective and oldest ones. The secret is – that onion contains sulphur (sulfur), which is known to improve hair growth. Sulfur is an essential element for all life, and is widely used in biochemical processes.

Tweet out that you joined the #GrowYourHairOJC Challenge and mention @befrolicious. TALK TO ME! Don’t be strangers!


What are the expected results of the Onion Juice Challenge?

When you start the challenge, you should expect your hair to become healthier. You may well find your hair grows more than usual as onions give your hair the boost it needs to keep growing. You should also expect that you hair will become more manageable. If you want to experience beautiful hair, you should participate in our onion juice challenge. Simply sign in and post #GrowYourHairOJC. Today later on, you will get further updates from us.

Last but not least

Always record your progress and make some pictures or length checks to keep your motivation going! Join the #GrowYourHairOJC Challenge now. You will get great tips and recipes via mail. Let us support each other to stick to this challenge.



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