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How I Decreased My Costs On Natural Hair Products?

2. June 2015

Products for natural hair are not cheap. I thought going natural would be cheaper than beeing relaxed. I was wrong especially if you live in a country where you can only get your products through the internet. However, is there a way to save money and have Frolicious hair?

Why is natural hair expensive?

Taking care of your natural hair is the same like taking care of relaxed hair, however I have the feeling that we get less hair products in a jar and that the jars for Afro hair are small and expensive. Back to school economics I have learned that the demand determines the price. That means because of the increase in women who want to take care of their Frolicious hair, the suppy has still not caught up yet.

I have recognized that there are a lot new hair care manufacturers out there. But some of them will maybe never get the attention of the natural hair community due to the fact that big companies still dominates the kinky curly hair world and also the price.

Me living in Germany does not make things easier as we often have to pay more on our hair products than people who live in the USA. We don’t have a store where you will get half off the price if you buy another product of the same brand. In addition to this, the natural hair movement is still in the early stage of development.


Where is Germany?










Why buying a new product if your jar is not empty?

I used to surf a whole afternoon looking for some new hair products although my jars were still half full because of the following reasons:

  • Recommedation by people on the internet doing reviews on natural hair care products
  • I used to compare my hair to others and thought I would achieve the same result if I use the same products
  • Dissatisfaction was another reason why I bought new hair products
  • Curiosity made me buy the latest hair product that somebody has mentioned in a video
  • New hairstyles trend was also a reason to buy a certain hair colour
  • I almost became a natural hair junkie
  • I believed in different hair care slogans and bought the product
  • Hair accessoires like steamer, scarves, satin or silk pillows and even hair vitamins are not cheap at all


How I decreased my cost by changing some things

Is there anything you can do for your purse? YES, there are a lot of things you can do. My aim this year was and is to reduce my costs on natural hair. I have tried a lot, however I have found some solutions that really helped me:

  1. Make your own products. There are lot of natural hair DIY recipes on the internet. Just try some of them to find what works best on your hair. Every year I do a homemade whipped shea butter creme to prevent dryness. An advantage ist that you know which ingredients your hair desire. Use a banana you did not eat or the rest of your coconut milk that you did not use for a smoothie. Don’t throw these things away use it for your hair and you will waste less money.
  1. Learn how to do you own hair. Learn how to make cornrows or other hairstyles. You can even learn how to trim your own hair.
  1. Stop experimenting just stick to your hair regime that works for you and you will get great results.
  2. In other countries some markets have sales like buy two and get the third product for free. You can subscribe to different hair products companies to get a note. Sometimes, they also offer coupon codes where you will get 10 % or more off the price.
  1. I tend to use a lot of hair products in my hair but now I know less is more. A small size is often enough. I also do not shampoo my hair twice, I only do one rinse as shampoos tend to dry your hair.
  1. I sometimes put water in my hair product to stretch it a bit.
  2. If you don’t have any product just use water and seal with olive oil.
  1. If you don’t have any glycerin at home then use honey to add moisture in your hair.
  1. Use Apple Cidar Vinegar rinse instead of shampooing or clarifying your hair.
  1. If you can’t do your own hair then let a friend do your hair. Spend some quality time togehter including a delicious dinner.


Natural Hair Twists

Photo Credit: Yagazie Emezi


Turn your kitchen into your labor and your bathroom into a salon. You will see how much fun you will have doing most things by yourself. Start saving your money today.


What about you, Frolicious sistas?
Let us know what natural hair routine save you money?

Share your comments below!

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