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Things you should consider before going natural

19. May 2015
Things You Should Consider Before Going Natural

Protective Hairstyle like Braids, Bantu Knots and much more were new to me and a lot of other things too when I went natural. There were things I wish I had known before I went natural. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Frolicious hair but I had to learn a lot during my natural hair journey and I am still learning.

 Dear Frolicious Beauties,

  1. Not every hair regimen is your routine. Your hair is unique. So think twice before buying everything what other Frolicious Beauties are using.
  1. Being natural is time consuming if you are doing weekly hair treatments and finger detangling. So when I stopped finger detangling it saved me a lot of time every weekend.
  2. Not every protective hairstyle is your style. E.g. Braids are beautiful and stylish but this style is not for me. I can only wear them for a very short time (not longer than 2 weeks) as I have a sensitive scalp and a thin hair line. My favorite protective hairstyles are Bantu Knots and Twists. Explore your own hairstyle but be sure not to damage the hair you are protecting.
  1. Your hair won’t look like the hair you have a crush on no matter how much you do. Don’t get upset or frustrated because of this. As mentioned before, your hair is unique and beautiful in each state. You should not compare your hair with other Frolicious Beauties out there. Just love your hair and feel comfortable with every protective hairstyle you are rocking.
  1. The weather is something I always check before doing a hairstyle. It has happened several times that the rain ruined my Frolicious Twistout. So just consider the weather before you leave the house.
  1. I wished somebody would tell me the best routine to protect my afro textured hair. It is sometimes annoying when you have found a routine that works for you and suddenly it does not work anymore.
  2. Force yourself to keep your hands off your hair. As I was relaxed I never played with my hair or tried so many different things. Now, I have to remind myself to leave my hair alone if I am wearing it out.
  3. Read the ingredients carefully before buying a stable product. Why? Because companies sometimes tend to change their ingredients without any notice. I used to buy a specific product for my L.O.C method when I one day realised that the company has add some chemicals in it. You should definitely check the ingredients list, especially when the company has changed their packaging recently.
  4. Not everyone on the internet is a hair guru or a specialist on protective hairstyles – myself included! You can read the blogs and watch tons of videos just bear in mind: we are on a hair journey like you. Always do your research as most people on the internet are not professional hairstylists, chemnists or doctors.
  1. Moisturizing ist the key and retwisting every night is not neccessary in my opinion. I try to moisturize my hair once a day and twist my hair twice a week as a protective hairstyle. In the beginning I twisted my hair every day before going to bed. I spend too much time doing this.


Protectve Hairstyle and much more

Frolicious Beauties with Kinky Hair



What about you, Frolicious sistas?
What did you wish you knew before you went natural?
What is your favourite protective hairstyle?

Share them below in the comments!




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