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How Time Consuming Is Afro Hair Care?

13. May 2015

How time consuming is natural hair care? Everytime, I see people wearing their Frolicious hair I am wondering how much time they invest in their hair care routine. My questions are:

  • Does our hair really need that much attention?
  • Or do we not know how to take care of it?

Bloggers and vloggers have a huge influence on their followers, when it comes to natural hair, as this topic has been discussed intensely for years now. The competition is tough, as they have to make sure to post updates from time to time regarding their hair issues. However, do we take our afro hair too serious? As many of us buy expensive products or do weird treatments spending hours on our hair. I am asking myself:

Does naturalhair determines our everyday life?

When I was relaxed I would never have asked myself this question or my answer would have been: “No, absolutely not. My hair is easy going. “Today, I disagree as natural hair is is absotely time consuming, although I am not happy to admit this. I am hearing this from other Frolicious Beauties, too. Natural hair needs much more attention then relaxed hair. Long and healthy hair is beautiful. People tend to say that hair is the picture fram of a face. “When is your wash day”?, I asked a friend. She said: ” I wash and eep condition my hair normally on Saturdays but I o a prepoo on Fridays”. I thought: So the progress take two days and the hair will maybe completely dry on Sunday. What would happened if we don’t put that much time in our natural hair care regime.

How time consuming is natural haircare?

How time consuming is natural haircare?

How time consuming is natural hair

I am aware that bloggers have to deal with their hairy to generate new interesting posts. But at what cost? As many of them sometimes have to do a second or third big chop or even decide to relax their hair like the Vlogger Breanna Rutter. Who says that she faced breakage after doing her hair almost everyday to create valuable content for her followers. I know people who don’t have the time to nourish and cherish their kinky curls. I had a conversation with a friend of mine who had a twa and I asked her if I could learn cornrows on her hair. She said: No, thank you. I do not do Barbies anymore“. I was a bit confused but then I understand that her natural hair is not that important to her, she values it differently.

Natural Hair Twists

Photo Credit: Yagazie Emezi

At the beginning of my natural hair journey I did not recognize how time consuming natural hair is. I was doing way too much. Now, I realized that at that time I was not able to enjoy my hair as I was constantly caring for it and never take the time to stop and actually admire at it. One day my boyfriend was in the kitched preparing something for dinner and he asked me: “Can we eat now or are you going to do a Pre-Poo”? Yes, he said pre-poo. I also remember me saying to him one day: “I don’t have time to meet the appointment as I have to twist my hair” or “Are we leaving now, I wanted to open my Bantu Knots”. Don’t get me wrong, I really love my hair but I had to change something as it was controlling my whole day.

What I have changed on my hair routine to save time:

  • Today, I know when my hair needs more attention and when I can leave it alone. That being said: I don’t carry a bottle with my spritz mixture with me.
  • I don’t twist my hair every evening. I like wearing an afro puff for 2-3 days before twisting my hair again. That means my hair is less manipulated.
  • I also don’t care what other people are thinking or saying towards my hair even if they ask awkward questions.
  • I also don’t try to fight my shrinkage anymore. It is what it is.
  • I also don’t panic when I have to cut a knot as my hair will grow back.
  • I will continue looking some videos on Youtube but I will not spent a full day on the internet doing research on my hair.

Does my Frolicious hair determine my everyday life?

Yes, afro hair is time consuming but it is not determining my everyday life anymore. Nowadays, I enjoy spending time with my hair, although I have limited the time for wash days and my normal hair care routine. I know many women love to spend much with their hair, and I am fine with that, because to each his own. However, I don’t have the time as my days are fully booked. I think you hair won’t be mad if you leave it alone.

How much time does your hair care routine take?

Leave me a comment below!

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