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Kinky Hair – Most Awkward Frolicious Hair Questions & Statements

3. May 2015

I have kinky hair and dark skin. Athough natural hair can be very time consuming like wash days, I have learned to accept and love every kinky strand. Since I have a great natural hair routine, I don’t have to worry about dry hair. Still, our hair might be a phenomenon for some people otherwise I can not explain the following statements.

Most Awkward Questions & Statments regarding Kinky Hair

  • Do you wash your natural hair?Most Awkward Frolicious Hair Questions & Statements
  • Can you comb your kinky hair?
  • Are you sure that your curly kinky hair grows?
  • Poor girl, it’s a pity that you don’t have our straight  hair texture.
  • Can I touch your kinks?
  • Have you cut your kinky hair? It looks shorter than last week.
  • You look like Whoopi Goldberg. (I was wearing braids)
  • Can you wash your braids?
  • Do you rebraid your hairstyle (braids) every evening by yourself?
  • Your kinky hair looks good for a black girl.
  • Are you sure you want to leave your house with this hairstyle (Bantu Knots)?



Should we be more understanding and not annoyed by some of these questions?
Ladies, what do you think?

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