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5 Easy Ways to Build A Hair Care Routine

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Are you still experimenting to build a hair care routine? Or do you want to go natural but you are not sure where to start? One of my motto is less is more. Yes, it is important to build a good hair care regime and it does not have to be complicated. If you stick to a good regime you will notice a change in thickness and length. Here are 5 easy ways to build a hair care routine that everyone can work with.

5 Easy Hair Care Routines

Know your Hair Typ

Do you have low porosity or high porosity hair. This is the first thing I would test before building your hair care routines. If you don’t know which type you are you could do a test. How? Subscribe to our newsletter and get a Free Ebook on “Hair Porosity Test”.

Shampooing and Conditioning

You should look for a sulfate and silicone free shampoo. If you are washing your hair use your fingers instead of your nails. I wash my hair once a week while others wash their hair every two weeks or once a month.

Some people also do co-washes. That means you only wash your hair with conditioner. I have tried this routine for two months but it did not work out for me as I had the feeling that my scalp was never clean.

Deep Conditioning:

When I began my hair journey I was deep conditioning my hair once a week. Deep conditioning on a regular basis helps you to reduce breakage and dryness. Today, I only deep conditioning my hair once or twice a month after I have washed my hair. I use a hooded dryer and a plastic cap to add heat.


Somestimes, it will take a while to find out how to moisturize your hair. I am moisturizing my hair twice a day. My hair likes it and feels moisturize the whole day. This is what I do:

  • In the evening I moisturize my texture with my spritz mixture of distilled water and a small amount of a leave in conditioner
  • After that I use a cream
  • My sealer is raw shea butter
  • In the morning I just use my spritz mixture and a bit shea butter to seal the moisture in
  • If my hair is freshly washed I do the LOC method


Detangling can be time consuming as some hair tends to knot. In addition to this, you have be very careful while detangling your hair. I would not recommend to detangle your when it is super dry. Use moisture to make it soft. Shea butter or olive oil helps me to soften my hair and to add a slip. I don’t detangle my thin hair when it is super wet as it is too weak and prone to breakage. You can use a wide tooth comb or your fingers. Be patient and take your time. Start at the end and work your way up to the roots. I detangle my hair once a week because my hair tends to form knots easily.

Protective Hairstyle

There is a lot you can do in order to protect your texture. You can rock bantu knots, flat twists, cornrows, twists, turban or braids for a time without manipulating your hair the whole time. Just make sure that if you are wearing for e.g. braids that they are not too tight.


These are 5 easy ways to build a hair care routine. Every hair is unique and only you can tell what you hair likes and what not. However with some experimentation you will find out what works best for you.

Any questions? Just comment below or send us an email. We will response to every single comment or email.

So have you build a hair care routine, yet? What is your biggest challenge regarding your hair journey?



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