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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Notice Your Hair Growth

24. August 2015

Women with natural hair tend to think that they can’t grow long hair. But this is not true. Our hair grows about half a millimeter a day. There might be some reasons why you don’t notice your hair growth. Here are 5 reasons why you don’t notice your hair growth.

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Notice Your Hair Growth


Embrace your shrinkage! Does this sound crazy to you? Your curls naturally shrink and that is a sign of healthy hair. Hair that shrinks when dry has good elasticity. My hair mostly shrinks and sometimes it is annoying. However, I have learned to accept my shrinkage and embrace my natural hair.


Be gentle on your hair especially while detangling. If you have the time and the patience maybe you should try fingercombing your hair instead of using a comb or a brush. You can feel the knots and the tangles easily. Yes, it is more work however you can reduce breakage if you use this technique for a while.

Hair Damage

Your hair growth is less if you have split ends. Do you trim your hair regularly? I do if my hair ends feel brittle. I don’t cut a lot but enough to get rid of the super dry ends that tend to knot.

Protective Styling

Protective hairstyles helps you to protect your hair. It also prevent breakage from manipulation of the hair. But remember the more you style your hair the more you manipulate it. Low manipulation is the key to retain length. Try to develop a hair routine, include a protective styling and you will notice a change regarding breakage, split ends and hair moisture.


You have to be patient while your hair is growing. Keep up your routine and low manipulation and you will see a difference. Keep in mind that you have to stick to your regime for a while to see your hair growth. As mentioned in the beginning our hair grows on average about 0,5 millimeter a day that means approx. 1,27 cm a day and 15 cm per year. If you take care of your hair you will see a difference in split ends, breakage and quality of moisture.


hair growth


What is your biggest challenge? How is your hair growth doing?

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