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Big Chop, Should I or should I not?

21. July 2015

Big Chop

Have you ever thought about going natural to improve your natural hair care? Would you transition for some months or would you go natural with a big chop? There have been many Frolicious beauties out there who have questioned themselve: Am I ready for a big chop?

Pros and Cons of the Big Chop

A Big Chop, means that you have to cut off your permed or relaxed ends. I have put some pros and cons together including some gorgeous visual inspirations.



  • After the Big Chop you have to deal with only one texture.
  • Short hair cuts are easy to take care for.
  • Taking care of short hair is not time-consuming.
  • You will gain experience how to manage your hair at the very beginning.
  • Water will not ruin your short hairstyle.
  • A big chop looks beautiful and people will notice it. Do you remember Solange or Hally Berry?



  • You will look different. Some women don’t like the shape of their head after a big chop.
  • You will have to be patient before rocking different hair styles.
  • It is possible that you will get rude comments from other people (family, friends, strangers …)


Here are Big Chop Inspirations

A Big Chop can be a challenge. Before saying “YES” ask yourself if you feel comfortable to wear  a short haircut. Nowadays, whether we like to admit it or not, hair plays an important role in the lives of most women. As many people believe that long hair stands for sex appeal. Women with a twa appear fierce and confident.


Big Chop Inspirations


Don’t let anybody persuade you to do a BIG CHOP if you are not feeling it. There is not right or wrong how to go natural. The main thing is to find a way that works for you, your hair and your lifestyle.


What about you, Frolicious sistas? Are you ready for a big chop?
Comment below and tell me your story.

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