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Review + Giveaway: The Science of Black Hair

15. August 2015
The Science of Black Hair

Are you ready to stop thinning hair? Would you like to get maximum hair growth and retain length?
You think this is not easy to achieve. Have you heard about “The Science of Black Hair”? It is a comprehensive guide for textured hair care combines scientific research.

 The Science of Black Hair

Reading this book was my breakthrough. This book contains all information you need to keep your hair from breaking or thinning. Everything is wrapped up in one book. The Science of Black Hair, written by Audrey Davis- Sivasothy offers many hair tips and scientific research. This book is easy and enjoyable to read. You will find opinions from hair stylist and creators of hair products. Moreover, she also explains which ingredients you should avoid and why.

The book has 15 chapters with topics that range from Scalp and Hair Structure, Understanding Hair Growth and Damage, Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair, Coloring Textured Hair, Techniques for Protein and Moisture Balance, Children’s Hair Care to Working out a healthy Hair Care Routine. kt is a must read if your goal is to achieve healthy hair. This is not only a book for Naturalistas it is also a book for relaxed women. You would do nothing wrong in investing in this book to support your hair journey.

While reading this book I had several aha moments. For the first time I understood why I need to control my pH balance or how porosity hair affects my natural hair routine. All in all, The Science of Black hair is an exellent and informative book about textured hair. Audrey Davis-Sivasothy has done a WONDERFUL job putting this great book together.


GIVEAWAY: The Science of Black Hair

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Audrey Davis-Sivasothy

Audrey Davis-Sivasothy

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