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How to Take Care for High Porosity Hair

25. August 2016

I guess you have done the water test and already know that you have high porosity hair. If not join our new blog series here and receive test for free. The next step is you need to find out how to care for high porosity hair. Knowing your hair type can save you money and time. In my last post I talked about hair porosity and how to care for low porosity hair. In today’s post I would like to share some information on how to care for high porosity hair and which products I recommend you to check out in order to get rid of dry hair.

What is Hair Porosity?

Hair porosity refers to the hair’s ability, or inability, to absorb water into the cortex. All hair is naturally porous, but the degree of porosity usually varies from hair to hair.

We have cracked the shield of our hair due to different chemical treatments we have done in the past. So our hair became less able to absorb water and hold the moisture in. Some of you have normal, high or low porosity hair. In this post it is all about high porosity hair and which products you should try to grow long and healthy hair.

High Porosity Hair:

High porosity hair is caused by anything that has changed the cuticle including excessive mechanical abuse from heat-styling tools, the sun, chemical relaxers and colors, and the use of sulfate-rich shampoos. The more damage the cuticle has endured, the greater the hair’s porosity – and the more water or moisture it tends to absorb.

That means high porosity hair absorbs more water when it is wet but loses even more as it dries. This is the downside of high porosity hair. Maybe you have experienced it: When your hair fully dried, it feels swollen, puffy and rough to the tough. This hair typ constantly needs to be moisturized, as it feels chronically dry. High Porosity hair is usually a sign of highly dry or damaged hair that breaks off and sheds very frequently. One of the characteristics of high porosity hair, is it lacks shine. However, there is hope to care for porosity hair.

Care for high porosity hair


Care For High Porosity Hair

Use anti-humectants in climates with high heat and humidity. This will help seal your damaged cuticles and prevent them from absorbing excess moisture in the air. As you have learned high porous hair can lose moisture easily, so it is important to use leave-in conditioners, rich moisturizers and sealers. Doing the LCO or LOC method will help your hair to keep in the moisture. Using heavy hair butters can also help you to protect your hair from loosing too  much moisture.


How do you take care for high porosity hair? Leave your comments/thoughts or tips below. Join our new hair care series and get FREE access to our library. Click on image below. 


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