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Natural Hair Beauty – Erika Moott

5. November 2015
Erika Moott

Natural Hair Beauty: Erika Moott

Please introduce yourself.
Erika Moott:
My name is Erika and I live in Baltimore, Maryland. My hair type is 4a/b. I am a young, beautiful, and intelligent Black Queen. I take pride in being a cut above the rest.

How did you go natural? And why?
Erika Moott:  I decided to transition my hair back to its natural state because I felt that it is nothing more beautiful than an African American woman with her natural mane.  Also someone very special in my life encouraged me to wear my natural hair.  I wanted to embrace my natural texture that grows from my roots. Often time African American women with natural hair are looked at in a distasteful way, which will cause you to rethink the natural journey.  I work in a professional environment and I have not been judged by my hair but my work ethic.  Not only do I embrace my hair but it has helped shaped the woman I am today.  Being a Black Queen is rare and I wear this honor with pride and my crown (hair) is befitting of the honor. 

What is your daily hair routine?
Erika Moott:  I generally wear protective styles especially during the summer.  My daily routine is to use hot six oil and I use a comb to shape my fro.

Erika Moott 2

What is your best natural hair tip?
Erika Moott: My best natural hair care tip is patience and no heat.

Have you ever had a setback since you went natural?
Erika Moott: Natural hair is not easy and will require patience, also heat is very damaging.  I also drink lots of water.

Would you relax for 1 Million Dollars?
Erika Moott: 
I would definitely consider relaxing for 1 million dollars but would go right back to being natural.

Which advice would you give women who are natural but don’t feel pretty?
Your confidence comes within. Your natural hair is your natural crown.
Love your mane and love yourself most importantly.

More information:

Instagram: instagram.com/A_true_Queen/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/erika.moott

Thank you Erka for sharing your natural Hairstory and Pictures with us. Just to let you know. I ask Leila if she would be open for any model request. She said: “Yes, that would be great right now, as I have to pay my wonderful student loans”.

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