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8 Reasons to Love Short Hair (TWA)

28. November 2015

I love short hair. I think a teeny weeny Afro (TWA) is beautiful. You can do so much with it and it has some great advantages that long hair does not have. After reading this you will love short hair.

8 Reasons to Love Short Hair (TWA)

1. Rocking a TWA will make you save money
With a teeny weeny Afro you won’t need a lot of hair products for styling, maintaining and moisturizing. Also the amount of product you need is not that much due to the length of your hair. That means your bottle of products like conditioner will last longer than when you have longer hair. So save your money and embrace your short hair.

2. Simple and easy short hair regime
I love short hair because you can set up a simple and easy hair routine. Your hair does not require that much work to take care of. You can twist your hair in a short time and also rock a cute twist out. Bantu Knots were one of my favourite hairstyles.

3. Try something new
Did you always want to change your hair colour or rock a fro hawk? Just do it now. Play around and try something new. If you don’t like the colour grow it off. The important think is to love your short hair no matter which style you are wearing.

8 Reasons to Love Short Hair

4. You are beautiful
A reason why people are afraid to do a big chop is that they don’t love short hair. A short haircut is a great way to highlight your facial structure. Don’t be afraid to put the spot on your cheekbones, lips and your eyes. If you are still not sure how beautiful you are just read my post about “F**k society’s idea of beauty“.

5. You will save so much time
OMG you can’t imagine how much time you will save with your short hair. Co-wash or shampoo your hair, let it try a bit and moisturize it. You will not need more than 30 minutes. It is really that easy. Have you every tried a Wash & Go? It is now the best time to do it. This hairstyle is a great time saver.

6. Be Frolicious – Be Fierce!
With this hair stage you can wear super big earrings, necklaces or hair accessoires to give you that fierce and bold look. Don’t even start to think that you don’t look feminine. Again, you are beautiful. Love your short hair.

8 Reasons to Love Short Hair

7. No pain while combing your hair
You maybe remember my blog post about how to comb your hair without any pain. I wrote about different and easy techniques. Combing short natural hair with a wide tooth comb is super easy. The risk of hair breakage is so small. Make sure that your hair is a bit wet or damp before combing it.

8. Don’t worry your hair will grow
It is easier to grow your hair and to retain length at that stage. Keep in mind that you have to adjust your hair regime to avoid hair dryness, breakage and single strand knots when your hair becomes longer.


A big chop or rocking a TWA means you have to love short hair. Take your time to learn more about your hair in order to gain and maintain long hair. Your hair will grow beautifully. Enjoy and embrace your teeny weeny afro. This stage of your hair is the beginning.


What makes you love short hair? What is your favourite hairstyle? Any tips?

Leave your comments below. I would love to read your points of view. Use your Facebook account or Disqus to comment below.

Opening Image: Goapele

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