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Natural Hair is Beautiful – Embrace Yourself

3. October 2014

Why you should love your natural hair

Natural hair can be wild, dry and sometimes not manageable. Some days it looks great and other das we  can’t even style it. But our hair belongs to us and I think we can learn to love our afro hair texture. Here are some reasons why we should love our Frolicious hair.

  Reasons to Embrace yourself

1. Natural hair teaches us to love ourselves and to show who we really are. To be different is not bad its make us special and unique.

2. Natural hair is so versatile. We can wear a lot of different styles: straight, twist, twist out, rod sets, cornrows, kinky, puff, etc.

3. Natural hair is mostly healthy. There are no chemicals in it that makes our hair weak or prone to breakage.

4. To become natural means to discover ourself.

5. To become natural can be less expensive as we can do a lot of hair products by ourself. We don’t need a hairdresser every 8 weeks to relax our hair.

6. Natural hair connects us to our roots. Think about the women in the past who wore their hair with pride.

7. We can chat with other frolicious to share our hair journey experiences.

8. We will welcome new hair growth.

9. We will make a statement by saying: We are beautiful. We define us – not the media!

10. We will become a role model for the little ones, so that they will learn to love themselve.

Natural Hair Inspirations

Frolicious natural hair

Embrace your natural hair


What about you Frolicious sisters?
Why do you love your natural hair?

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