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5 Ways To Protect Your Hair in Winter

13. October 2015
5 Ways To Protect Your Hair in Winter

Are you looking for a way to proctect your hair in winter? The days are getting colder be prepared for this winter season. I have some great hairstyles including tutorials for you. They are easy to wear for everyday. Here are 5 ways to protect your hair in winter. Practise now so that you can rock them in winter.

5 Ways To Protect Your Hair In Winter


  1. Classic Updo on long natural hair with Marley Hair

Marley hair is my hair to go. You can always use it if you have a bad hair day. You can do some cute updos or other beautiful hairstyles to protect your hair in winter. Watch the whole tutorial of Nyla Helene’s hairstyle. She will give you two more protective hairstyles.


2. Classic Updo on short natural hair without Marley Hair

If you are not a friend of Marley hair and still would like to wear an updo on your short natural hair, take at look at this tutorial by MyCurlyArmy. It is easy to do and look great on every Frolicious Beauty


3. Braided Pigtails on medium long hair with Marley hair

If you know how to braid your own hair this tutorial is a cute way to protect your hair in winter. This video by Iman Chaney is showing how easy you can do your own hair and rock a beautiful protective style.


4. Braided Pigtails on short hair hair without Marley hair

This young lady is doing a great job. I coud not do my hair at her age. Take a look how Nkechi Chiedu braided her two pigtails without adding any extra hair.


5. Bun on short/medium long hair with Marley hair

I need to try this tutorial. Her edges are on point and this style looks gorgeous on her. I love this video by Quiesha Jay.


What is your favourite protective hair style?


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