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Natural Hair Beauty – Leila Davis

15. October 2015
Natural Hair Beauty Leila Alves1

Natural Hair Beauty: Leila Davis

Please introduce yourself.
Leila Davis:
My name is Leila Davis, I’m from Stratford, CT. I’m currently going to college to become nurse anesthetist. I’m 19 years old and, have a brother he’s 17 and a senior. I also love animals! Especially dogs since I have 6 of them

How did you go natural? And why?
Leila DavisI’ve been natural since birth but there was a period of time where I would straighten my hair ALOT. Everyday I straightened it when I was 12-14. Eventually at 15, I stopped decided to cut down straightening to 1-2 a year. Now my hair is very healthy, and my curls are popping like never before!

What is your daily hair routine?
Leila Davis: My hair routine is washing with Shea moisture curl enhancing shampoo and then conditioning with the curl enhancing conditioner. I always rinse my hair in cold water for the final rinse. I then apply some of my curl enhancing conditioner in my hair (Very little). Then I apply coconut oil ends to root. After I apply the coconut oil I use Shea moistures curl enhancing smoothie and some Eco styler coconut oil gel and then more coconut oil. I only do my hair about once a week because it’s very time consuming.

Natural Hair Beauty Leila Davis

Frolicious Beauty Leila Davis


What is your best natural hair tip?
Leila Davis: My best natural hair tip is to add coconut oil to your ends a couple times a week so your hair doesn’t break off and you can grow luscious hair

Have you ever had a setback since you went natural?
Leila Davis: The only setback I have is when the weather starts to turn cold I really want to straighten my hair all the time!

Would you relax for 1 Million Dollars?
Leila Davis:
No, I would NEVER relax my hair for 1 million dollars me and my hair share a special bond haha.

More information:

Instagram: instagram.com/leilathediva/
Facebook: facebook.com/leila.davis.7

Thank you Leila for sharing your natural Hairstory and Pictures with us. Just to let you know. I ask Leila if she would be open for any model request. She said: “Yes, that would be great right now, as I have to pay my wonderful student loans”.

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