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Natural Hair Feature – Alyestal Hamilton

27. August 2015
Alyestal Hamilton 3

Natural Hair Beauty: Alyestal Hamilton

Where are you from? How long have you been natural?
Alyestal Hamilton:
My name is Alyestal Hamilton and I am a spoken word poet. I currently live in Brampton, ON Canada and have been natural since 2008.

What made you go natural?
Alyestal Hamilton: I went natural because my hair as it naturally grows out of my head should be accepted—period. If everyone else in the world can have their hair grow out of their head the way it does and it is accepted just as it is, then my hair type should not be exempted and coerced into chemical manipulation to alter it from its natural state of being. My existence as a young, black female is a form of resistance to the standards society has placed on me and my natural hair helps me in that.

Aside from by being a form of resistance, I always hated perms and chemically straightening my hair. I had horrible experiences with hairdressers. They would cut inches off my hair when I asked for trims or leave chemicals in my hair longer than necessary because my hair was “too thick” and so “needed to be processed longer”. This ultimately resulted in burns. So in 2007 I began my process of transitioning. While I now have trust issues with anyone having power over my hair in terms of styling, my decision to go natural has probably been the most frustrating, yet liberating decision I made.

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Name you best natural hair tip for healthy hair.
Alyestal Hamilton:
Low maintenance. I don’t mean never care for it, wash it, moisturize it, tie your head at night. I mean, don’t do those things too much. I find for myself washing my hair too often can be a lot, so I have cut back from washing twice a month. I stopped combing my hair and started finger detangling before wash time. I moisturize during installment of a style and take down (and as necessary). I aim to style my hair no more than once a week. Even then I will turn an old twist out into a low manipulation style. Leave your hair alone. She knows what she is doing. Just give her time, space, and help only when she asks for it.

Alyestal Hamilton 1

Would you relax your hair for 1 Million Dollar?
Alyestal Hamilton: To be honest, I don’t know. I would like to think I would not because that would make me feel like I am betraying myself, who I am as I have been created to be, and ultimately submitting to what I have been resisting through my existence. However, my hair is that—just hair. She’ll be back in all her powerful, magical glory if I choose to relax my hair for any reason. But for right now, I will say no. I’m too in love with her.

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