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10 reasons to try the whipped mango-shea butter recipe

1. November 2015
Whipped Mango-Shea butter 2

Have you tried the whipped mango-shea butter recipe yet? I was asked via email by many Frolicious Beauties if I could post the reasons why to try the whipped mango-shea butter recipe I mentioned in one of my last posts. Here are 10 reasons why you should try the whipped mano-shea butter recipe today.

10 reasons to try mango-shea butter recipe

  1. Raw mango-shea butter provides moisture to dry and damanged hair and skin
  2. It repairs natural hair breakage and itchy skin
  3. It contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and group B vitamins: folic acid, calcium, iron, and magnesium (vitamins A, C, and E are known to be beneficial to hair)
  4. It does not cause buildup
  5. It helps you if you have scalp issues: e.g. drandruff, eczema or dermatitis
  6. Raw mango-shea butter mixture is a great protection against weather damage (winter)
  7. It acts like a shield to protect your hair and skin against sunlight
  8. This butter can also protect your hair getting heat damage
  9. Raw mango-shea butter mixture is able to smooth and soften afro hair strands
  10. You can even use it to prevent stretch marks during your pregnancy


try Mango-Shea-Butter recipe

After trying the mango-shea butter recipe I was completely impressed. As you know I love raw shea butter and the benefit of it. Now, I have found a second butter that I really like. You can use it as a pre-poo or for a hot oil treament.


  • Apply the butter on your hair
  • Cover it with a plastic cap
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse it out and continue as usual with a shampoo or deep conditioner.


You can also use this butter it in your loc method. But first of if you are looking for a great alternative, I can recommend the whipped shea butter recipe to you. Get your mango butter here.


Are you going to try the whipped mango-shea butter recipe? What is your biggest natural hair issue?

Leave your comments below. I would love to read your points of view. Use your Facebook account or Disqus to comment below.


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