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Taking Care of Porosity Hair

11. August 2015

Taking Care of porosity hair either it is low or high can be a bit tricky. In my last post I explained the meaning of hair porosity. In addition to this, I also mentioned how it affects our natural haircare routine. If you don’t know which porosity type you are you could do a hair test. How? Subscribe to our newsletter and get a Free Ebook with the information.

How to take care of low porosity hair

Low porosity hair is nothing bad or a hair problem. It means that your hair needs gentle handling and some tricks to get the moisture in as you sometimes have a hard time moisturizing your low porosity hair. Do you have the feeling that conditioner and oils sit on top of your hair? Take the test, if you are not sure which porosity type you are. According to the test, I have low porosity hair and here is how I take care of my natural hair.

    • I focus a lot on my ends as they need more attention
    • I use conditioners and oils in smaller doses  on damp hair
    • I do wash my hair once a week to avoid any build up, as the products sometimes just sit on my hair
    • I moisturize my hair with slightly warm (not hot) leave-in conditioner diluted in distilled water to open my cuticles
    • I avoid using thick and heavy weight conditioner
    • I make sure that the first ingredient of my daily hair product is water
    • I felt that castor oil was also too heavy for my low porosity hair, so I am not using it anymore
    • My sealent on damp hair is raw shea butter or my whipped shea butter
    • I do pre-poo my hair to soften it. I use conditioner mixed with water
    • I make sure that hydrolyzed wheat protein is not the main ingredient in my stable products  as it can block my cuticles and prevent moisture to get in
    • I don’t deep condition my hair every week as my hair does not let moisture in easily


Low Porosity Hair

My Low Porosity Hair


How to take care of high porosity hair

If your hair is very porous, it will lose water faster than hold it in. Hair will be dehydrated and less elastic. I have learned that high porosity hair is caused by weather damage, frequent washing or wetting, harsh brushing, from hair dye, chemicals relaxers and from harsh styling products.

  • Wet your hair and do a pre-poo with coconut oil before washing your hair. Some people do it over night (minimum 8 hours) to have the best result out of this treatment
  • After shampooing your hair use oil on damp hair to prevent losing any water.
  • Don’t use heat directly on hair and protect your hair from sun, cold or windy weather
  • Deep condition regularly for at least 30 minutes
  • Detangling on damp hair and use an oil to make your hair manageable
  • Do not colouring your hair in this state as it could increase porosity
  • Do protein treatments to strengthen the cuticles. But do not do it too often. Too much protein will cause hair breakage
  • Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut are great for high porosity hair
  • Heavy creams work well for very porous hair


High Porosity Hair


What is your hair porosity? How do you take care of your hair?

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