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Natural Hair Feature – Victoria Mshelia

4. September 2015
Victoria Mshelia 2

Natural Hair Beauty: Victoria Mshelia

Where are you from? How long have you been natural?
Victoria Mshelia:
My name is Victoria Mshelia. I live in Nigeria and have been natural since September 2014.

What made you go natural?
Victoria Mshelia: I decided to go natural because I realised having a healthy natural hair is more beautiful and can be styled in different lovely ways and I don’t have to worry about hair breakage when my hair is transitioning

Name you best natural hair tip for healthy hair.
Victoria Mshelia:
I love flat twist out especially with volume. Aloe vera is a good conditioner for natural hair, it prevents hair from breakage and is a simple natural home recipe, just massage it into your scalp and leave for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it out with warm water.  It can also be use as hair mask, massage it into your scalp put on a shower cap, go to bed and rinse it off the next morning. It works well.

Victoria Mshelia

Would you relax your hair for 1 Million Dollar?
Victoria Mshelia: Lol to be frank, yes I will then I will transition back and use the money for the best natural hair products around. I think that is fair enough.


Thank you Victoria for sharing your natural Hairstory and Pictures with us.
Frolicious Beauties are everywhere!

We would like to share more Frolicious Hairstories on this page. Therefor we need your story and images. Feel free to send us max 4 pictures of your hairstyle and just answer the questions.


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