8 Reasons Why We Love Soul-Seeking Singer Y’akoto

1. May 2017
soul-seeking singer Y'akoto - Warum Wir Die Sängerin Y'akoto Lieben

After working hard on her third album Y’akoto has finally dropped “Mermaid Blues” and the time couldn’t be better. The soul-seeking singer Y’akoto has made a name for herself with her impressive voice, lyrics and her ability to take you on a journey while listening to her music. Besides influences of soul music you will also hear pieces of West African rhythms in her songs. The Afrogerman singer has her own unique technique and style of singing. On Y’akoto’s new album “Mermaid Blues” she was able to beautifully weaves her skills together to create great music that touches your soul. I love her album. It is on heavy rotation in my car. If you don’t know her by now you should continue reading. Here are 8 reasons why we love soul-seeking singer Y’akoto.

8 reasons We Love Soul-Seeking Singer Y’akoto

1. Y’akoto Has A Great Voice

Yakoto’s soul-seeking music is timeless. Every time you hear her voice you just feel the strength, honesty and confidence behind her words. With her dark, expressive voice she’s been compared to jazz icons such as Nina Simone and Billie Holiday. Sit back and enjoy the acoustic version of her song: Maggie (Mermaid Blues)

2. Y’akoto Remains True To Herself

Music has been a dream that Y’akoto has nurtured since childhood. With the support of her parents, she has turned it into reality. Getting to where she is today has not always been easy. Y’akoto has worked hard and took great pains to become who she is now. She is a strong woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and to remain true to herself. Y’akoto has developed her own style whether it is her singing or dancing. She is not the smiling girl next door. Furthermore, she is also not here to live up to other people’s expectations. Instead Y’akoto says:”I focus on those who get me. Make no mistake: sincere artistic expression is difficult, challenging and exhausting, no matter the approach you choose. That’s soul.”

3. Her lyrics Are Full Of Emotion, Truth, Blues And Insight

She writes her songs from the very bottom of her heart. Y’akoto is not afraid to reveal her innermost feelings. She wants people to hear and get her message. Here is a little extract from one of her current songs Fool Me Once” of Y’akoto’s new album “Mermaid Blues”.

I let you do the worst
We fight and cry
I forgive you everything, I’m in denial
I do this everyday, we don’t get tired
One, two, three
We play, I win, you win
Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me too
Fool me once, shame on you
We got to be mad, out of our minds, for what we do

4. Different Music Styles

Y’akoto combines different music genres on her latest album “Mermaid Blues”. Another great song on the album is”King Of The Dark” which was inspired by Sade. Mermaid Blues is an attitude about life, the defiant force behind Y’akoto’s “soul-seeking music”.

5. Nominated Twice For A German Music Prize

Y’akoto has been nominated for the Echo in 2013 and 2015. The Echo is a German music prize.

6. Her Fashionstyle

Y’akoto’s sense of fashion is just inspiring. She reinvents herself every album.

soul-seeking singer Y'akoto

“Mermaid Blues” – Y’akoto – 3rd Album

soul-seeking singer Y'akoto

“Moody Blues” – Y’akoto – 2nd Album

soul-seeking singer Y'akoto

“Baby Blues” – Y’akoto – 1st Album

7. Y’akoto Is Restless And Ambitious

There is this urge which impels her never to stand still and to keep growing and learning. Although she is already a certified teacher of dance, Y’akoto has worked hard over the years, to perfecting her dancing and singing. 

8. You Need To See Y’akoto Performing

You need to see Y’akoto live in concert. I love her concerts. Y’akoto’s stage presence is awesome. She has the power to teleport you to another time and space and evoke really strong emotions.

Y’akoto – Mermaid Blues Tour 2017

17.06. Sommerfestival Budapest, Hungary
19.08. Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany
03.10. Plaza, Zürich, Switzerland
04.10. Jazzhaus, Freiburg, Germany
05.10. Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
07.10. Treibhaus, Innsbruck, Austria
09.10. Im Wizemann Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
10.10. Gloria Theater, Cologne, Germany
12.10. Musikzentrum, Hannover, Germany
13.10. Zoom, Frankfurt, Germany
14.10. Kulturtage, Oldenburg, Germany
15.10. Lido, Berlin, Germany

Tickets are available here !!!


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