Africa Day 2015 – Wandsbeker Marktplatz (Hamburg)

22. April 2015
African Day 2015 -1

Enjoy “Africa Day 2015” – with unforgettable impressions! Listen, discuss and most importantly: Celebrate with us for two days the vitality of Africa – the joy of living, cultures and traditions – with food, African market, music, dance, prayers and prominent guests.

The annual celebration of the Africa Day 2015 undelines the importance of the signature of the memorandum of to date African Union through head of States and Governments of 30 independent countries on May 25th 1963 in Ethiopia/Addis Abeba. We would appreciate it if you could celebrate this special occasion with us.

Africa Day 2015 – Will you be there?


African Day 2015 in Hamburg

The program of the Africa Day 2015 will include the following African artists and bands such as:

  • Nana Acheapong
  • Renevision (König der Löwen)
  • Thendiva Band (König der Löwen)
  • Daasebre
  • Mark Kofi Asamoah
  • Ariba War Dancers (Nigeria)
  • Florence
  • Adowa Traditional Dance Ghana
  • Perfect Music Group (Togo)
  • Saliou Cissaokho
  • Massai Group

Many well-known guests and politicians such as Senator Detlef Scheele are invited. There will be some speeches and a great program with music, culinary delights and much more.

Would you like to join the stage program?

Africa Day 2015 is looking for people of African descent, who can sing, dance or want to introduce other artistic skills to join the stage program. In addition this, merchants in the clothing or home decor sector with an emphasis on accessories, handicrafts etc. are also wanted.

Write a mail to the IMIC Advisory Board: Frank Heinrich,

African Day 2015 -3

African Day 2015 -4

About IMIC e.V

Since 2012 the IMIC e.V has organized the “Africa Day” in Hamburg as a cultural highlight of the year. As a non-profit organization IMIC e.V. (Intercultural Migrant Integration Center e.V.) supports its members and thirds with diverse origins in Hamburg in the integration and facilitates cultural exchange for better mutual understanding in the society.

Some examples of daily activities are: IMIC advises and as- sists migrants closely in their social matters and accompanies them to come in contact to administrations and institutions.

For the integration contributions are for example: children leisure time, tutoring services, computer courses, senior clubs, preparatory integration courses, Information seminars. Cultural opportunities for example “Africa Day 2015” and “Neighbourhood connects” („Nachbarschaft verbindet“) create mutual comprehension in the society. With its successful integration work, especially within the African Communities, IMIC e.V. is established in the group of social NGOs in Hamburg and experiences an ever increasing demand.

Africa Day in Hamburg








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