Friendship Day – Have you heard about it?

30. July 2015

Embrace your Frolicious Curlfriends

The international Friendship Day is a day for celebrating friendship. It is dedicated to the bond of friendship. The tradition of this special day began in US in 1935, when the US Congress decided to dedicate a day in the honor of friends. Other countries followed and adopted the beautiful idea. After a while more nations joined and the International Friendship Day was born.

I could not find out why they founded that day, however I love the idea. I haven’t heard about the Friendship Day until this moring when I was in my car. Sometimes, we don’t tell our friends how much we love and admire them. We take friendship for granted. Nowadays, it does not take much time to send a short voice message. Why not wishing our friends a nice day or a happy weekend.

People from all over the world are celebrating this day. In some countries people spend time with their friends and exchange small presents like flowers, cards or sweets.


Do you celebrate this day with your friends?
What does friendship mean to you?

I would love to read your thoughts. Leave me a comment below


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