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Natural Hair Feature – Kristia Tolode

17. September 2015
Kristia Tolode 1

Natural Hair Beauty: Kristia Tolode

Where are you from? How long have you been natural?
Kristia Tolode:
My name is Kristia Tolode. I live in Bronx (New York) and have been natural since 2013.

What made you go natural?
Kristia Tolode: I love my short hair. I don’t so much to it and it’s just naturally curly which is super great on other people I love a nice, big, curly afro

Name you best natural hair tip for healthy hair.
Kristia Tolode: Always condition. I just love how soft my hair is after I condition.

Kristia Tolode 3

Would you relax your hair for 1 Million Dollar?
Kristia Tolode:Would I relax it for a million bucks?: tempting idea… Haha but no am good! See the thing is, I’ve always thought the only way my hair can be soft is through a relaxer but I’ve discovered otherwise. Besides, I keep my hair short I don’t need a relaxer; and I hope I never get that offer! Lolol

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Thank you Kristia for sharing your natural Hairstory and Pictures with us.
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