Great Basic Eyeshadow Tips For Beginners

23. October 2015
Apply Eyeshadow

Having trouble finding the correct eyeshadow shade for you? Denise Rabor, celebrity make up artist and founder of Wow Beauty breaks down the shades that works best for you. She has worked with Alek Wek and many more celebrities. Today, Denise will help you to find the correct eyeshadow shade. In addition to this, she will also let you know where you can get them.

How to apply eyeshadow?

Readers Question: Could you please give me some basic eyeshadow tips: What eyeshadow colours are complimentary for dark skin girls for daytime and also for night time. How can I flatter my eyes hape?

Denise Rabor: A general rule for applying eyeshadow is to follow the shape of your eyes. If using just one colour, using your brush, just apply the eyeshadow to the eyelids and gently blend. If you are using 2 colours, apply the second colour in the outer corner of your eye and into the crease, and blend.

I love to see women being bold with eye colour and dark skins can really pull it off well. These eyeshadow colours are great, try:

  • burgundy
  • purple
  • bronzes
  • coppers
  • golds
  • greens
  • blues
  • ….the choice is yours!

The important thing is to ensure that the eyeshadow is highly pigmented enough, a good idea is to try the colour on your hand and if it sinks in and still looks like the colour that you’ve chosen you’re onto winner. You can also intensify the effect of your eyeshadow by using a wet brush to apply it. Oh yes, and avoid pale shades as they can often translate as ‘ashy’ on dark skins.

Some of the brands that I like for darker skins are:

  • Mac
  • Nars
  • fashion fair
  • Iman
  • NYX
  • Urban decay
  • Kiko
  • Illamasqua
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Sleek


Eyeshadow Inspirations

Eyeshadow color


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Over the next few weeks there will be more tips on the website of wow beauty so stay in touch, you can also email your questions to and subscribe to their monthly newsletter. Check them out on Facebook and you can follow them on Instagram @wowbeaute and Twitter @WOWbeaute.


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Foundation tips - Denise Rabor (2) Wow Beauty is an online platform which is the brainchild of internationally renowned make up artist, Denise Rabor. She worked with major publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, ELLE & Vanity Fair along with top models. Wow Beauty aims to inspire you, to motivate you, to celebrate YOU!





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