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How To Protect Your Natural Hair At Bedtime

20. November 2015

Sometimes, we are so busy trying to find a perfect routine to have healthier hair, that we simply overlook the fact that our hair can also get damaged while we are sleeping. There are three things we need to do: moisturize, protectively style our hair and wear a silk bonnet (if you don’t have a silk pillow case). If you avoid these 3 steps you will end up with hair breakage. Just follow these steps to protect your hair while you get your beauty rest.

1. Moisturize your Natural Hair At Bedtime

Use your favourite cream or hair butter to add moisture to your hair. You can also do the LOC or LCO method to prevent dryness.

How To Protect Your Natural Hair At Bedtime 1

Protective Styling Natural Hair At Bedtime

This step helps to prevent tangles when you are turning and tossing at night, which can lead to hair breakage. There are so many options how to protect your hair.

You can:

  • Twist your hair
  • Do pig-tail braids
  • Pineappling
  • Tuck n Roll

Just pick your favourite style and protect your kinky natural hair. Avoid elastic bands as they can put too much stress on your roots.

Natural Hair At Bedtime 4

3. Satin Bonnet or Silk Pillow Case

We all know that our hair will break off when you sleep on a regular pillow case. Reduce hair damage by covering your hair or by sleeping on a silk pillow case.

Sometimes, it is tempting to flop down on your bed without preparing and protecting your natural hair at bedtime. Just follow these easy steps to make sure that you are protecting your natural hair at bedtime. If you are not in the mood just put in some big twists as they don’t have to be neat. Do not skip these steps if you want retain length and healthier hair.


How do you protect your natural hair at bedtime? Do you have any tips and tricks how to maintain tangle free natural hair at bedtime?

I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below. Just use your Facebook account or Disqus :)



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  • Reply Cara Siskova 27. November 2015 at 11:24

    Great tips! I also like to thread my hair for bedtime. It leaves my hair all nice and soft, ready for styling the next morning. :)

    Hallo Jen! Ich bin Cara. :)

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