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7 Benefits of Steaming Your Natural Hair

27. December 2015

Sometimes, your hair tends to get dry. Steaming your natural hair is one of the best things you can do to moisturize it. The damp also encourages hair growth. Moreover, the steam allows your deep conditioner to penetrate your hair. Here are 7 benefits of steaming your natural hair.

Benefits of steaming your hair

  1. Makes your hair manageable: You can manage your hair easier when your is damp and moisturized.
  2. Reduces Breakage: Your hair will break less when your is moisturized.
  3. Length Retention: Moisturized hair will increase hair growth.
  4. Increases Blood Flow: Warm steam helps to increase your blood flow which leads to healthy hair.
  5. Improves elasticity: That means you will be able to stretch your hair without snapping.
  6. Moisture: Steam will help you to open up the hair shaft so that your products can get in.
  7. Increase Deep Conditioning Treatments: Use steam to increase your deep conditioning treatment. If you have low porosity hair, a steamer will help you to absorb your moisturizer. If you don’t know which porosity hair type you are, sign up for our newletter and get access to our ebook library and take the test. Join our Frolicious Community HERE !!

How steaming your natural hair is beneficial

A great way is to steam once a week. Apply a deep conditioner on your scalp. Cover your neck with a towel as the moisture may drip onto your shoulder. The duration of steaming your natural hair can varied between 20 and 30 minutes. Your hair needs time to absorb the conditioner. Make sure that your ends are under the steamer as they are the oldest part of your hair.

After steaming your hair, let it cool down. So that the cuticles can close and seal the moisture in. Then rinse your conditioner out.

What you should avoid while steaming your natural hair?

  • Don’t let your hair down while steaming as your ends needs to be under the steamer to receive the benefits of the treatment.
  • Don’t overdo it. Too much moisture leads to weak limp hair which can cause breakage.


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Now, you have 7 great reasons of streaming your natural hair.

Do you steam your hair? Please leave your comments below.
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