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9 Hair Tools Every Hair Type Beauty Should Have

5. January 2016

There are several hair tools every hair type beauty needs. These hair tools will give you a lot of variety to switch up your hairstyles. You can use these hair tools weather you have straight, relaxed, natural or colored hair. They will make your hair journey easier. Check out these essential hair tools that you can add to your hair arsenal.


Spray Bottle

The spray bottle is definitely a must-have in my opinion. I use the spray bottle daily. I have my Frolicious Leave in Conditioner in it. By the way, you should try it. It’s a great DIY moisturizer. Here is the recipe. You can use the spray bottle to mix any other mixture for your hair or just put water in it to moisturize your hair.


Plastic Caps / Shower Caps

Plastic caps are great for deep conditioning your or just steaming your hair in the shower. It allows you to hold in the moisture while pampering your hair. I always have some plastic caps at home as I buy them in a pack of ten.


Bobby Pins

I love bobby pins. I have them in large and small. You can do so many different hairstyles with bobby pins. Rock a faux hawk, a bun with marley hair or just pin up your twists. These small hair tools can save your life. I have them everywhere. Yes, in my car, at my office, in several bags and even in my purse. Why? You never know when you will need them. Bobby pins are super useful and affordable.


Hair Clips

I have 8 hair clips at home and 4 in my gym bag. They help me to separate and style my hair.


Wide Tooth Comb

A wide tooth comb was one of the first hair tools I bought when I became natural. I also have a fine tooth comb with a rat tail just to separate my hair while styling it. However, I use a wide tooth comb when it comes to preparing my hair for a style.


Afro Pick Comb

You can use this hair tool to give your hair volume by picking your hair out. Fluff it to make your curls look fresher and fuller.


Applicator bottle

I have my moringa oil mixture in this applicator bottle. This hair tool allows you to moisturize your scalp precisely without dripping the oil everywhere. It also helps you to take care of your hair ends, which are the oldest part of your hair.


Satin Bonnet /Silk Pillowcase

We all know that our hair will break off when you sleep on a regular pillow case. Reduce hair damage by covering your hair with a satin bonnet. You can also choose a silk pillowcase to sleep on. This hair tool is one of the most important things you need to have.


Wig or Headwrap

A wig or a headwrap are great hair tools for bad hair days :)



Are there any hair tools missing? Which one is your favourite? 

Please leave your comments below.


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