How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair Care

1. March 2018
How to use coconut oil for hair care - Kokosnussöl für deine Haarpflege

Coconut oil is unquestionably one of the biggest stars when it comes to rich, natural hair care. Every important beauty brand now carries shampoos, hair masks or hair wax with coconut. But why should you be content with tiny, ineffective amounts in a chemical ingredient cocktail? Join in and let your hair feel the pure power of nature: Learn about the marvelous effects and the applications of natural coconut oil. How to use coconut oil for hair care!

How to use coconut oil for hair care

Organic coconut oil supplies your hair and hair roots with a wealth of natural nutrients. On the scalp it acts against bacteria, skin fungi and other harmful microbes. You can achieve better results with coconut oil than expensive hair care products ever can. A few miligrams of coconut oil in the recipe serve at most as an attractive product name.

What are the ingredients of coconut oil?

Coconut oil contains powerful antioxidants vitamin E and K, the minerals potassium, phosphorus and sodium. Especially large is the portion of saturated fatty acids, abbreviated MTCs.

MTC is a medium-chain triglyceride whose molecular structure penetrates the hair quickly. Coconut oil wraps your hair with a soft protective coat against harmful environmental influences – it becomes stronger and properly grippy.

The incorporation of proteins is already noticeable after a few applications by silky gloss. Hey, take care – your curls look so great, everyone wants to touch them!

Does coconut oil strenghten fine hair?

No, unfortunately it does not. Coconut oil complains of fine and greasy hair, which makes it straggly and flat.

Does coconut oil promote hair growth?

Yes, but coconut oil does not let your hair grow faster. Infact, oil and proteins prevent hair breakage and the hair roots are better supplied with nutrients.

Are there differences in coconut oil?

For your hair, only cold-pressed coconut oil should be considered. Always pay attention to the green organic seal: This ensures that you can obtain a product from controlled cultivation which is neither bleached, deodorized, refined or even flavored. Refined products contain a maximum of 20% of the ingredients which affect hair and scalp in a positive way.

In which ways can you use coconut oil in the hair?

Coconut oil is white at normal room temperature and has a solid consistency. It melts at about 25 ° C and becomes transparent, thus achieving the right condition for hair care. You can use coconut oil in many ways: pure in dry and wet hair or as an ingredient in haircare. But one after the other!

Coconut oil as leave-in

Liquefy a pea-sized amount of coconut oil between the hands and work it into the tips with dry hair. Don’t worry, there is no “wet-look” in this small amount that stains your shirt. The coconut oil completely drains and remains in the hair. You can repeat this application as often as necessary between two washes.

Coconut oil as a conditioner

Wash your hair as usual with silicone-free shampoo and rinse it thoroughly. Let a teaspoonful of coconut oil melt in your hand and massage it into the lengths and tips. Wash your hair again after a few minutes to wash out excess coconut oil. If you need to go quickly, you can use coconut oil in dry hair and wash the hair as usual after a quarter of an hour.

Coconut oil as intense hair treatment

If you have plenty of time, you can use it for a hair treatment. After washing, dry your hair carefully with a towel and comb it smoothly. Depending on the length of the hair, work a teaspoon to a tablespoonful of completely melted coconut oil and then smooth it in the direction of growth.

Allow the coconut oil at least for half an hour of exposure. Under a towel that you twine as a turban, coconut oil unfolds its effect by heat even more intensely and it remains fluid.

Finally, wash your hair with shampoo. You can also use coconut oil overnight as an intensive haar masque. Depending on the hair structure, it may be necessary to wash twice.

Coconut oil regenerates the scalp

Do you suffer from dry, itchy scalp or scales? This versatile oil also ends up to these problems: the initially mentioned lauric acid effectively combats bacteria and dandruff-causing yeast fungi. Just knead coconut oil into the scalp and sense the beneficial circulation. As body heat allows the active ingredients to be worked even more intensively, the application requires at least two hours. If you leave the coconut oil in the hair overnight, shampooing might be necessary twice.

How often may I use coconut oil?

For heavily strained hair, you should use daily coconut oil: In addition to the wet application during washing, you can tame dry frizzy hair with your oily palms or keep the tips smooth. When the hair structure improves, the weekly use as a cure takes 1 – 2 hours as a sufficient exposure time under foil hood (or clear film) and the towel.

Note: Never mix coconut oil into the shampoo! Soap and oil neutralize each other!

Storage and durability of coconut oil

Coconut oil can be stored in the tightly closed glass in the refrigerator or at room temperature. If the summer temperatures rise higher than 25 °C, a multiple liquefaction and solidification is completely safe.

It’s quite practical to fill a small quantity into a creme pot and place it in the bathroom. The opened glass of coconut oil is stable for at least one year.

DIY hair treatment – coconut oil for hair care

Natural hair care is easy to make! You only need 3 ingredients:

  •  3 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 cup of cream
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Melt the coconut oil in a water bath. Put it in a high mixing bowl with the cream and the lemon juice and whip the ingredients with a hand mixer until creamy.

Apply the treatment to the washed, humid hair and let it act under a plastic hood and turban. Rinse your hair after half an hour and style it as usual.

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You will surely be very surprised at how intensively fragrant coconut oil maintains your hair. Just as valuable is it for skin care and as a cooking oil – cosmetics, you can eat is the very best choice for your body. Because: true beauty comes from within!



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