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African Home Decor & Accessoires by B DAKIN

24. May 2015
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I found B DAKIN on Instagram while I was looking for some decoration ideas for my new flat. The luxury lifestyle brand is located in Australia and have beautiful items like armchairs, lamps, daybeds and much more to discover. Maybe you will find a piece that would fit nicely with your home’s decor.

Introducing “B Dakin”

Brian Dakin-Davies has taken some time to talk with us about African inspired home decor.

Frolicious: How did you started?
B Dakin:
My wife Bianca and I travelled through West Africa at the start of 2014, as we travelled we collected fabrics (so many that we couldn’t fit them in our luggage and had to ship boxes full of fabrics back!), at this point we were just collecting fabrics because we loved them, but as we travelled we were having clothes made for ourselves, cushion covers and aprons made for friends and family so that we could enjoy the vibrancy of the colours back home and share it with our loved ones. One weekend back in Australia, I decided to reupholster an old armchair that Bianca’s parents were planning to throw out. When I finished the armchair I had a light bulb moment, I knew that i needed to create a homewares range using vibrant ankara fabrics. I realised that on our travels Bianca and I were playing with the idea and we didn’t even know it. This is what we had to do, and from that moment B Dakin was born. Now we produce cushions, lamps, armchairs, day beds and handbags and we’re working on a new range of aprons and tea towels.


Armchair by B Dakin

Frolicious: What inspires you?
B Dakin: :
I’m inspired by the tradition of the fabrics, their origin but also inspired by the need to paint african fabrics in a modern everyday light. I’m inspired by African culture and the way in which each culture uses the fabrics, how they clash the fabrics and make them work. It’s incredible to see how women wear the fabrics in each country, how they can throw completely different patterns together and make them work. The vibrancy is enlightening, it’s addictive! I’m also inspired by modern design and great craftsmanship. We aspire to blend these three elements together -modern design, traditionalism and quality craftsmanship – to bring what is known as traditional Africa into the modern world at an accessible price.


Daybed by B dakin


Frolicious: Do you think African furnitures are just a trend?
B Dakin:
An idea is a trend if it doesn’t have enough momentum, if people aren’t invested in it, or if it doesn’t transcend time and space. A chair out lasts a pair of shorts in terms of shelf life and recurrence. So home decor and accessories allow us to push the idea much further than I believe fashion can. That’s not to down play fashion, the culture of african fabrics remains relevant by being on the runway in NY or Paris and also by being an accent in peoples homes all over the world. Those that will never wear an Ankara print pair of shorts might buy an apron or put a cushion in their home. For us, it’s about giving people a taste, allowing them to enjoy the colours and patterns in a way that isn’t loud if they don’t want it to be. We always talk about the colours being happy and a way to brighten up everyday life, happiness isn’t a trend its a way of life, it’s a lifestyle and that’s what we’re about.

More B Dakin Items:

B Dakin

B Dakin

The first thing I have discovered from B Dakin was the beautiful lamp in the first image. The brand works with creative talents of artisans that Dakin and Bianca have met along their travels. I like the fact that quality plays a big role and besides the products I also like it that B Dakin is based on teamwork. As you can tell in the name, I guess.

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