6 Important Things I Have Learned About Being A Mom For One Year

4. December 2017
Being A Mom

Being a mom is the greatest job in the world. My son has turned one year today and he is officially no baby anymore. He is a toddler now. It’s been one year and I was there when he smiled his first smile and I would never forget when he said mama for the first time. I am a mom now and my life has changed in a great way. Despite I have gained more confidence, I am still questioning myself: Will he be okay at school with me being black and his father being white? Is he turning out okay? Am I a good mom?

I have learned a lot from being a mom. I would like to share some of the things I have learned about being a mom for one year.

6 Things I Have Learned About Being A Mom

1. New Friends

Three years ago me and my partner moved to a smaller city. At first it was not easy to make new friends. Fortunately, since I became a mom, I have made some wonderful new friends. It is great to meet for a walk or just to exchange experiences. As a mom who stays at home it can get lonely some days. So, I am lucky to have these mom in my life. It makes it easier if you can talk to someone who know exactly how you feel.

2. My Parenting Plan Before He Was Born

While I was pregnant I had my plan how to rise my child and how I wanted to dress him. I also said that he would only eat healthy meals and snacks. He would always sleep two or three times during the day in his bed. And I would stick to my daily structure. I would keep my house always clean and he would have his own room when he turns 6 months. We would always go out no matter how the weather is and there would be absolute now TV before he turns 3 years. Well, this was my perfect plan. He hates to sleep alone in his bed. He does not eat a lot. But he loves to play outside. So far, he is still turning out fine.

Being A Mom

3. You Are More Patient As You Thought You Could Ever Be

Normally, I would not consider myself as a patient person. But as a mom you need to be patient. I remember the time when he tries to put his hand in his mouth. He was 8 weeks old and he tried for a while and I wanted to help him, but I knew that he has to do it by himself. One day he made it. 

4. Don’t Compare Your Child To Other Kids 

One day, we were at our weekly baby group meeting and I notice that all the babies (4 months old) were rolling over front to back except of my baby who was lying there doing nothing. Automatically, I asked myself if my baby was fine or if I was doing something wrong. I was worried. So I went home and tried to make him do things he was not ready for. After a while, I finally gave up and decided that he was going to roll over when he was ready. Looking back, I noticed that comparing my baby to other kids made me unnecessarily worried and stressed out. Today, I accept my baby develops on his own time frame. 

5. Why You Should Plan Your Appointments Wisely

I was never a punctual person, but being a mom has put a whole new spin on my effort to be on time. Back in the days I was late because of stuff I thought I need to do before leaving the house. Now, I am late because my baby decided this would be a good time to poop when we leave the house. Or I am looking for my keys which my son has hidden. It also happens that I am looking for my glasses or my second shoe while my son is patiently waiting in his seat. 

Being a mom

6. Why You Don’t Need A Lot Of Baby Clothes

Let me save you a lot of money by saying: You don’t need to buy two sizes ahead. I wish I hadn’t bought so many baby clothes at the beginning. My baby grew very fast and did not wear all the cute outfits that I have bought. Now, I mostly buy one size ahead. And I love Mamikreisel

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As mentioned in the beginning, being a mom has changed me. I expected this, but I did not expect how massive it would be. I have discovered so many good things about myself through my son. Being a mom is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I am so thankful for every moment with my family.

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