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Interview | beingU Creates Skin Tone Lingerie For Black Women

10. February 2017
beingu Skin Tone Lingerie - Nude Unterwäsche Für Schwarze Frauen

Do you remember the time when you was not able to buy skin tone lingerie because of your skin color? I remember that some lingerie brands have gone so far as to insist that there is only one shade of nude for all skin tones! At that time the lingerie companies did not even considered the possibility that a black women would require different shades of nude. Thank god, time has changed!

Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to Sadia Sisay, who has founded the beingU skin tone lingerie brand. Sisay is 47 years old and was born in Sierra Leon. Her company beingU creates high quality skin tone lingerie for women of all skin tones with a particularly strong focus on black women and other women of color. Her past and present has certainly proved that no matter what you go through you can and will achieve anything if you commit to your dream. 

Founded in 2008, Sadia first attempted to launch the brand in 2011 however due to personal challenges, she had to put her dreams on hold. After losing her husband to an unexpected death in 2014, she has rebuilt her life after heartbreak. As the main carer for her mother who suffered a stroke 6 years ago, she has had to balance building her business and looking after her mother.

Everyday I was not working on my skin tone lingerie idea was painful for me. But how could I give up when my most important message to my daughter was to persevere. 

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