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    4 Blackfashionistas Slaying That Instagram-Game

    2. August 2018
    BlackFashionistas Slayin

    If somebody asked me, who’s on top of my #Best-Dressed-List … I would answer this question with my own name. And add that it doesn’t really matter … „what“ or if „ I wear anything. But that’s not the issue here.… I do not see any sense in fashion rankings or suchlike’s. Most of the Best-Dressed-Lists do not entertain me in any way, shape or form.„Fashion is an erratic phenomenon’’ which defines itself constantly in its own nonfinite complexity while setting illimitable standards in its own way. Fashionista’s like Velma Rossa, Bubu Ogisi or Nareasha Williams do not only deliver qualitative fashion inspiration’s for an articulate Zeitgeist. But co-created those on an international level. People of African descent over here, represent an independent vibe, of a progressive generation which had never been there before. Diversity, complexity with an unapologetic sense for indefinite aesthethics.

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